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Welcome to AirSmart - the most trusted distributor of smart heating and cooling solutions.

As long-time industry professionals, we know quality when we see it. But we rely on more
than just instinct. We meticulously research every new product we add to our range. Then
handpick the most progressive, superior and reliable solutions available.

So if you insist on the best in heating and cooling, AirSmart has the answer.

Why AirSmart?

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An inverter reverse cycle energy source is up to four times more efficient...
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The units' inverter variable speed is as low as 10% at full capacity.
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Our systems can condition all rooms with as little as a 100mm ceiling cavity.
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Small duct systems require 40% less airflow compared to larger duct systems
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Automatic operation, easily adapted to home automation and Wi-Fi controls.
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Homes and buildings can be divided into separate controllable zones
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Smaller diameter ducting is up to 300% more efficient than larger diameter ducting
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  AirSmart fan coils reduce operating costs by up to 50%. Find out more

fb1  AirSmart fan coils reduce operating costs by up to 50%. Find out more